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Mungro Celebration over 30 years in Career Placement -Consultant 

Mungro Career Development, Inc. was formed in late 1987 after its founder, Raymond Mungro, discovered that outplacement services, and new careers for dislocated professional, finding candidates in high level management positions were becoming ever increasingly popular. Mungro Career Development Inc. is a Minority owned small business. Our focus is to help you in taking your Business to the next level. We provide the most qualified team of associates to perform the task at hand. Starting from the home office in Philadelphia, expanded to Washington, DC, we first supplied our consultant and placement services to Corporations, Schools, Hospitals, Law Firms, and Community Charity Organizations. Currently,

Mungro Career Development Inc. provides services to businesses all over the United States. Our services also include a partnership with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Employment Resources, U.S. Department of Labor. We use the internet for 40% of our incoming orders, making Mungro Career Development Inc. truly Excellent in Technology for Careers for today and for future companies.

Mungro Career Development Inc is a recognized agency. Through the years, we have built our reputation on sound business practices, a high code of ethics, and most importantly, we get desired results. We have staff personnel in the following fields: Actuarial, Administration, Engineering, EDP, Insurance, and Health Care, Finance, Marketing, IT and Technical Services. Mungro Career Development Inc. is a Minority Recruitment and Employment Consulting Firm.

Mungro Career IT Solutions and Services & Fees


 We believe strongly that if  we can continually deliver the results you need, then we will be able to earn your loyalty as a CLIENT FOR LIFE, the philosophy and goal of our President and Founder Raymond Mungro. That means that Mungro Career Development has been specifically designed to serve as a total employment and conference resource to you no matter where you are in your Career needs.Our fees are earned on a contingency or retained basis. Enclosed for your review is our placement fee schedule base upon one year contract agreement. One percent(1%) per Thousand  person up to (25%)  which is the max. 

Will provide consultant services representative of your product and services.  





celebration of 10 years of IT conferences 

The CIO Government Technology will bring together leading CIOs, CISOs, CTOs' and government IT executives from across the U.S. to confront and overcome current industry issues, cybersecurity, stem education and workforce development, Advanced Manufacturing, Nano-Technology, and cloud computing. This event will explore critical topics and challenges currently impacting government agencies, and emerging technologies that will resolve the issues. Welcome Global Diversity in Technology and Women in STEM Technology. 

This conference also gives an IT professional a chance to speak on a IT platform on his/ her company product/Services.                                                                      

The goal of the CIO Government Technology Conference is to create an environment for public and private sector executives can explore IT challenges and identify strategies to address short, medium and long term goals for Congressional Caucus, Federal Executive Branch (Washington DC ) State, Local Government .

In closing have an effective participation from our Veterans. 

Sincerely Raymond Mungro, President-CEO Mungro Career Development Inc CIO Government Technology Conferences